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It doesn’t take long for software teams to hire DevOps engineers to alleviate time spent on deployments, CI pipelines, and environment provisioning. Not long after that, those DevOps engineer(s) become overwhelmed with requests – holding up releases and slowing down development. To add to this burden, DevOps engineers are increasingly expensive and hard to hire.

This inevitable journey leads engineering teams, large and small, to invest in automation and turn their DevOps engineers into a platform team – tasked with providing the organization with the tools needed to deploy and provision themselves without breaking things or compromising security. We are that team, and is that platform.

At Architect, we’re on a mission to unlock the power of cloud-native development through DevOps automation. Our innovative cloud platform and Architecture-as-Code framework make it easier than ever for developers to extend other microservices, secure their applications, and deploy to production and on-demand environments. Architect was founded less than two years ago, but the importance of automating DevOps quickly drew the attention of keen investors, like Comcast Ventures and NextGen Venture Partners, and equally strong advisors, like Marc Chenn of SaltStack. We’re poised for rapid growth in the coming year, and this is the perfect opportunity to join our team and build the future of DevOps!

Software engineering @

We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our multidisciplinary team and help us build our next-generation developer platform and Architecture-as-Code framework. Our platform is built for developers like us, and as such, engineers at Architect are in a unique position to be both impactful developers and critical thought leaders. Not only will you have the opportunity to build some of the most satisfying automation tools around, but you’ll play a critical role in guiding the direction of the product itself from your own experiences.

Skills you will need to succeed at

  • Experience creating APIs or microservices
  • Expertise in more than one language and framework – you’ll be asked to experiment with a plethora of languages and frameworks as part of your work with Architect
  • Proficiency with containerization and virtualization, particularly Docker
  • A high-level understanding of Infrastructure-as-Code solutions like Terraform
  • Thoughtfulness regarding abstraction, application architecture, and distributed development
  • An appreciation for strong documentation – we’re building a framework and tool for other developers, after all

Bonus points

  • Experience instrumenting CI pipelines and GitOps
  • Experience with multiple container platforms, like AWS ECS and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Service Mesh technology, especially Hashicorp Consul
  • Experience with modern secret management solutions, like Hashicorp Vault
  • Expertise in cloud networking and network security

What You’ll Get from Us

  • A full benefits package including competitive salary, early employee stock options grants, healthcare, dental, and more
  • A small but rapidly growing team of hard workers and change-makers
  • A flexible work-from-home schedule
  • A chance to build a tool for developers like you